B. Rich Scott, Ordained Fitness Minister

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, I know firsthand what it takes to transform and improve the quality of your life through nutrition. I worked for GNC over the span of 10 years and learned the game which helped me create my own nutritional supplement brand. By utilizing the skills that I acquired over the years, combined with over 20 years of training, coaching & competitive bodybuilding, I live my most passionate cause on a daily basis by assisting others in achieving their own personal fitness goals. 

I offer a variety of services promoting the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, including Motivational Fitness Coaching. 

In my revised book “UnF**k Your Health”  I give you MANY guarded secrets in the medical, health, fitness and nutrition industry, but in my revised version, I also added a new chapter dealing with my personal experience dealing with Covid, TWICE!   

I explain how being mentally healthy and my nutritional products played a huge part in getting well.

My products and programs are designed for everyone, from the common person that just wants to shed a few pounds, to the top-level athlete that wants to build hardcore strength and muscle. All of my products are of the highest quality backed by the latest science and many man hours of extensive research and testing. I take pride in being able to provide you with the absolute best products and services. 


My mission is to create health through proper fitness & nutrition. Let me serve you!